Thursday, January 26, 2012

Printing Photo Books at Viovio

For Christmas I printed my first few photo books.  I used a company that I ran across called Viovio because the prices are very good and they have multiple binding and size options.  When I received my first book, I was so excited and impressed.  The quality is excellent and affordable.  I will use them for all my photo books from here on out.  Even my mom is asking me to help her get some binding done through them.  Viovio is actually the company that convinced me to finally go 100% digital because their prices made it cost much less than printing at home and using sheet protectors in a binder, plus it looks so much nicer!  Click on the link here or at the side of my blog to find out more!


Here are a few pictures of my books to see what I did.  I buy the soft covers so that my children can easily lug them around and enjoy their books (and also it makes it less expensive to buy a replacement copy if they "over love" their books).

Also just a tip if you use them...make sure you read their book specifications on the sidebar to make the books top quality.

Stay tuned for future postings about layout templates I am creating that will be available through Viovio.


  1. This post give a well explanation to make a nice photo books. we accustomed the adroitness to brainstorm what the photo absolutely looks like, we get acumen into the man who took these pictures and activity that is traveling on about him.

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  2. I was very disappointed to not find your part of Noah's Arc. You are a great designer and I hope to see you in the future.

    1. Thank you for your compliments. I actually submitted the giraffe to the Noah's Ark kit. (It is the same one shown at the top of my blog, just recolored.) For that month we had all submitted only 1-2 elements to be combined into one mega kit since we are rearranging the months we post. Stay tuned for April 1st's kit...I am so excited about it!!!!

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